Hazardous Liquid Waste Disposal

Our Hazardous Waste and Chemical Waste Disposal Options

Maratek Environmental provides a variety of disposal and recycling options for your waste streams, allowing us to account for every detail with an unparalleled level of compliance assurance.

Our environmentally-secure processes and treatment technologies meet or exceed regulatory guidelines, providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

We will create a custom waste disposal plan that meets your organization’s objectives and requirements while providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

Maratek waste disposal options include:

  • Fuel Blending Services
  • Incineration Services
  • Wastewater Treatment

Fuel Blending Services

If required, Maratek Environmental blends liquid, sludge and solid high BTU material into an alternative fuel source for cement kilns. 


Liquid Waste Recycling and Recovery Services

Maratek can provide you with liquid waste recycling and recovery treatment services for your non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams.

We will create a custom waste disposal plan that meets your organization’s specific objectives and requirements, while providing total regulatory compliance and reduced liability.

Maratek Environmental solutions are custom-engineered for your specific industry and unique needs.


Incineration Services

Maratek can provide you with incineration services for your hazardous waste. Incineration offers the most complete destruction for any waste.


Recycling Your Wastewater

If you generate contaminated wastewater, grey water, rinse water or mop water in your production facility then Maratek's wastewater purification systems can help you recycle wastewater streams for re-use or disposal, lowering your costs, saving your money and reducing your liability.

Maratek has worked with many companies which generate wastewater contaminated with oils, solvents, lube-oils, grease, inks, coolants, glycols etc. where jurisdictions prohibit the discharging of wastewater to the sewer.


Hazardous Waste Management: Licenses and Classes Handled

Maratek Environmental has the following Ontario Ministry of the Environment issued certificates of approval to handle various types of hazardous waste

  • Waste Management System License A840437 (Waste Transportation License)
  • Waste Management System License A210527 (Waste Receiving & Processing License) 

Download our guide to Waste Management Classes.


MaraSolve is helping JF Moore to dramatically reduce it’s new solvent purchases, and the concept of purchasing back our own recycled waste solvent fits our corporate environmental objectives.

Frank Pantaleo
JF Moore Lithographers, VP Operations

Maratek’s recycled blanket wash has helped Quebecor to stabilize and improve solvent costs without jeopardizing quality.

Dennis Wilkins
Quebecor World, National Purchasing Manager

Excellent customer service!!

Swedish Door

We have been working with Maratek now for just over a year and it has been absolutely seamless and professional. We highly recommend their company, products and services. Our day-to-day contact Ray Ongjoco – Regional Sales Manager is always quick to respond to our needs and immediately gets back to us with action at his end. The delivery crew & personnel that we have dealt with to date have always been friendly, responsive and co-operative with all our staff. What more can you ask for? A big “Thank You” to Ray and the Maratek team!

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Liquid Waste Disposal Services

We collect, treat and disposes of liquid solvent waste as well as various industrial waste, hazardous and dangerous waste, bulk products or packaged in containers, drums or bins.

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