Industry-Specific Solvent Recycling Solutions

Maratek Environmental has decades of experience supporting manufacturing and process industries solve their hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste disposal problems through recycling, solvent recovery services, and disposal solutions at our licensed facility.

We process liquid hazardous and non-hazardous waste such as solvents, water waste, chemicals, and oils. Our company adheres to stringent government environmental regulations and our site fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment.

Maratek creates industry specific recycling processes to reclaim valuable liquid chemical wastes, such as solvents and oils. Reclaimed solvents for example can be purchased from Maratek at a fraction of the cost of new solvents.


We have over 40 years of experience providing solutions and services for the following industries:

  • Paint Coatings & Finishing
  • Printing and Ink
  • Packaging
  • Automotive & Heavy Equipment
  • Kitchen Cabinetry and Millwork
  • Furniture
  • Transportation and Asphalt
  • Aerospace and Marine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Electrical
  • Metal Fabrication & Finishing
  • Cannabis / Hemp

We'll help you establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for solvent recovery, solvent recycling, hazardous liquid waste processing and disposal, non-hazardous liquid waste processing and disposal, and silver recycling.

Cleaning with solvents poses a number of challenges in terms of waste management - businesses must ensure not only that chemicals are disposed of safely but that such disposal does not become cost prohibitive.

Paint Coatings & Finishing

We provide Coatings and Paint industries with on-site recycling that could reduce solvent purchases by as much as 95%, as well as dramatically reduce quantities of hazardous waste. Maratek Environment provides services to recycle and reuse paints, thinners, gun washes and much more! Request a solvent recycling trial and a quote.

Printing and Ink

The Printing industry is a market segment that heavily depends on solvents for cleaning. Liquid solvents and liquid soaked wipers can be difficult to dispose. Maratek Environmental can establish a solvent waste management service for your printing business to ensure proper solvent processing and disposal at our location.

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Maratek has experience helping Automotive and Heavy Equipment paint and service shops, properly process and recover wastes such as solvents and oils. Our experts can design a pick-up and disposal process that will reclaim valuable chemicals and safely dispose of residuals in our licensed facility. Get in touch for a waste disposal quote.

Kitchen Cabinetry & Millwork

Solvent waste generated in furniture finishing processes can be recycled and reused. Maratek provides a full service to the Furniture and Woodworking sector to process and dispose of liquid wastes. No business is too small so contact us for waste drum disposal services.

Aerospace and Marine

Transportation industries such as Aerospace and Marine, all generate solvent and oil wastes that need to be properly recycled or disposed of. Maratek offers full service pick-up of waste drums for processing at our facility. Get a quote today.


Maratek’s environmental consultants are ready to discuss recycling and disposal solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes produced by the Pharmaceutical industry, in manufacturing processes, equipment cleaning, and laboratory wastes.

Oil and Gas

We provide Oil and Gas industries with liquid waste management services that not only reduce waste, but save money! For example oils contaminated with foreign contaminants can easily be recycled to their original state. Not only that, but Maratek can recycle and process oils that can then be used in energy recovery systems. 


The Electrical industry produces waste insulating oils and gear oils that can be recycled and reused. Maratek offers waste management services to electrical shops, equipment manufacturers and utility maintenance shops, to process liquid wastes for recovery or disposal at our licensed facility. Request a waste management quote.

Metal Fabrication and Finishing

The Metal Fabrication and Finishing industry's liquid cleaning and process wastes can be recycled for re-use by Maratek Environmental. We have experience processing an extensive range of chemical solvents and can design a service around your industry. Reach out to our team and request a quote and a trial analysis today.

Transportation and Asphalt

Municipal Transportation departments, Asphalt contractors, R & D labs, Construction companies - Maratek has expertise in helping these sectors effectively process solvents and other liquid chemicals for re-use or disposal at our licensed facility. We have established processes for recycling asphalt solvents, air gun wash, paint solvents and more. Request a solvent trial and quote or a waste disposal quote.


Equipment, Products & Supplies

Maratek is an award-winning industry leader in solvent recycling and recovery. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom and off-the-shelf equipment that can help your organization recover and re-use solvents and save costs. If you are interested in taking solvent recycling into your operation visit our equipment website to learn more.

We also have solvents available to purchase, recycled at our fully licensed facility and processed to a high quality purity, or contact us about purchasing solvent recovery bags for your recycling operations.

Solvent Recycling Equipment