Proper storage and handling of hazardous waste containers is an important practice that not only promotes a safe work environment, but also ensures you’re following
What Are Solvents? Solvents are chemicals that can dissolve, suspend or extract other substances, generally without causing a change in the chemical nature of either
We're often asked what type of Hazardous waste materials do we handle and pick up from our Toronto Area and Ontario clients? Even though we
Keeping up with government and provincial regulations is challenging for many businesses. It takes just one complaint from a neighbor or disgruntled former employee to
Maratek Environmental recycles and processes all types of X-Ray film. But there is one category of x-ray film that we are particulary interested in recycling,
Do you use solvents in your facility, or dispose of any hazardous waste materials? Maratek Environmental is a fully licensed hazardous waste hauler, who also operate
Dealing directly with a silver refinery like Maratek, gets you a better price for your silver - We just pay more for silver and therefore we
There are a wide range of companies and industries that are common generators of silver waste, including the graphic arts industry, photo finishers, metal plating,
The news has been full of hazardous waste disposal settlements and accusations regarding improper handling and disposal of waste and materials. In California alone, two